Here Is Shortcut Lyrics Scotty Malcolm 2020

Shortcut Lyrics Scotty Malcolm Starts…

[Verse 1]

Walking, round

I’m ,thinking loud

Busy, but i’m way too proud

I won’t back, down

I’m thinking ,bout you all the time

You’re on my ,mind

Stuck up in my ,stupid head

Leave me, on read

Acting, like you’re

Something, else

You got that ,stealth

Sneaking ,on me

Runnin’ fast

And ,I can’t catch

Your words are flowing, way too fast

So, I attack

Lose, I get up

Try ,again

Yeah, one more time

Started with me

[Verse 2]

I think ,I know what you’re, searching for

Boy ,of your dreams, you’re waning more

It’s me, pretend I’m all, you want

If ,you believe that I’m the one

You’re thinking fast ,and closing doors

Don’t leave so soon, I’m not a bore

I could pretend ,if you ain’t sure

Changing myself, I’m switching chords

I stay, I go

I’m, switching places

But ,you don’t know

Is it worth it?

To change, for you

To keep, on hiding for you?

Well, I don’t know, but

Your good, my bad

I didn’t mean it

I feel, so sad

Like do you like me for me, or you?

Well, I don’t know but

I’m living like a shortcut

But I still ain’t got you, you ,you

I’m living life, like a shortcut

But ,what if I wasn’t meant to?

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