Nobody knows Lyrics Nightmare6

Nobody knows Lyrics Nightmare6 Starts…

Hello, darkness my old friend

I have came to talk, with you

A Gain, I need to tell you some

Things you may not, understand

I hate, this place I hate myself

Some Times the worst, place you

Can be, Is In your own head?

No, I may not be physically ,alone

But, mentally there Is no one, there

At all ,I look for hours In my, thoughts

No one ,Is there and then I think

Maybe I was de Signed ,to be alone

Sometimes, I even feel like maybe

Just maybe I should be sorry ,for being

Born you are ,probably thin King thIs Is just

To get attention from people, but it’s not

You never, understood how I feel cause I never

Told you any Thing about what is going, on and I feel

That I should ,say It right here right now

Nobody knows the, real me

Nobody, knows how many times

I cry in my room when ,nobody was watching

Nobody ,knows how many times I lost hope

How many tames I’ve been, let down

Nobody, knows about the thoughts

That are in my head nobody, know

You ,might think Im lying about this

Here’s Is my, quest Ion’s Why would I lie about ,being suicidal

Why would I make, this stuff up

Can’t you tell Im tryIng not to curse, right now

Cause, the only time I curse Is when Im mad

Even ask my friends I hate every Thing, about me

I wish ,I can change how I look You say Im beautiful, Im pretty

You want to know, what I see In the mirror, I see a ugly lIar that ,everyone hates

Yeah Im talking, to you mom I sometimes hear It In the tone of your voIce

 It got to the point where I can’t tell If your, having a bad day or not

 I try to make you happy ,but It never works You shouldn’t ask ,whats

 wrong cause ,obviously I don’t want to say It

I’m sorry If this Is making you upset cause ,we both know Its true

At school ,I tell the kids Hate me all you want ,Its not like I cared

Anyway . Why do you think ,I acted like I didn’t care cause I didn’t

Why because, you made It seem like you didn’t care ,about me

Ok I get you list ,all these things and yell In my face, saying I have a good life

 but one thing I do ,know You don’t even understand, half of It Im be Coming

 more goth, thatch why I mostly wear black and, listens to My chemicals romance

 Judge me ,all you want ok I got hurt so much that, I can actually say Im used to It ok .

You don’t even, know whats on my mind 24/7 Yeah, I don’t want to live but

 Im to scared, to dIe So what can I do I will just sIt here upset and you think

 Im happy at home Im really not I fake my laugh, I fake my smile cause

I don’t want you, bothering me

Nobody, knows the real me

Nobody knows how many, times

I cry In my, room when nobody was, watching

Nobody knows, how many times, I lost hope

How many, tames I’ve been let down

Nobody knows, about the thoughts

That are In my, head nobody know

About me,

Ok let’s summarizes ,this up

Im slowly giving up on, every Thing

Not because of ,you because of me obviously

Im a failure a loser and ,useless

Im not Important, to the world so stop trying to

Make me feel better by saying ,thatch not true

Because deep down In side I know and you know, that It Is true

So Im sorry if thus Is making you upset, or mad

But question Is Why ,would you be mad If I ,told you the truth

Like right now do you ,want me to tell you lies like sating

 Im fine there Is no Thing wrong like ,no you told me not to lIe, so now you got your

Wish Im sorry thus ,wasn’t my Idea to w Rite all my feelings

down It was natasha’s yeah my, therapIst had the Idea .

Im banging my head against the wall as ,hard as I can my friends, try to stop me .

Obviously you can, see I try to hurt ,myself but someone tries to ,stop me

Im done can’t you see ,even though I talk to my, sister’s and lore alone, you say

 don’t delete, the text messages And when you, find out you will ,always find something

 to complain about yeah, Im spilling out the truth ok ,There Is nothing wrong wIth that ok

 thats all Im saying Im, done before I end up ,cursing cause I

know I can’t do that ,when your near

Nobody knows the ,real me

Nobody knows, how many times

I cry In my room, when nobody was watching

Nobody knows ,how many tames I lost hope

How many times, I’ve been let down

Nobody knows, about the thoughts

That are In my, head nobody know

About me…!

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