Crash Lyrics John Polace

Crash Lyrics John Polace Starts…

Guess, what you had
Really, got to you because
It seems, you crashed
Left ,me alone
But, I guess I’m used to it
Same old, same, old

I died, out there
And ,a TV and a phone
Got ,on my knees
I don’t like people
That, I can see
Press ,on my screen

I tried to miss ,you but I
Can’t say, I’m that sad
She told me ,from the television
You’re all ,dead

Where can I ,go
I got, nothing else to do
Should stay at, home
Won’t be that bad
Got, no one to take, me out
Keep to ,myself
Gave ,me a lie
Gave ,me things for us to do
Put ,up with me
I was left, out
But, I never tried for you
The blame was on, me

I mean to go, back but it’s
Already, too late
If,I could see you all I
Don’t know ,what I’d say

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