Funeral Lyrics Lil Wayne

Funeral Lyrics Lil Wayne Starts

Welcome, to the funeral, yeah
Closed, casket as usual
Yeah, welcome to the, funeral
The quietest ,things in musicals
Kumbaya, is beautiful
I bust in ,with that Uzi though
And they ,look like they saw Lucifer
Welcome, to the funeral
We not welcome, we intruded, though
You wanted coke , until you blew the coke
Thats, just inexcusable
Welcome, to the funeral, where we from we ruin, them
Been to ,quite a few of them
The reverend talk, we booin him
We throw up, the Piru at them
Welcome ,to the funeral, closed casket as, usual
Soul ,snatching as usual
Amen, hallelujah though
Whole family ,delusional
Miggas, crying like two year olds
Bullet holes ,come through the doors
I just crossed ,my heart, then I threw a rose
Damn, welcome to your, funeral
Everybody ,knew you bro
Ain’t nobody, shooting though
Gotta die to ,see who you know
Damn welcome, to the funeral
Where we from ,we ruin them
The preacher, preach we shooting them
Now we need ,one for you and him
That’s why they, should cremate ya
Hope when you ,die they commemorate you
Life is a movie ,and it’s in theaters
Some of y’alls already, went to cable
These shots ,from a far you, could get a facial
Black run, chrome run, interracial
Weed so strong, need ventilation
Funeral home, need renovation
I got your ,mom’s teary eyed, that’s precipitation
Migga ,when you died, did your which a favor
Migga ,we gonna mob like the, Genovese’s
Migga, fat mob, I’ma Jenny ,Craig ’em
Drive bys, in a winnebago
Snipers never, hear the baby, crib a cradle of tomatoes, on your head
I split tomatoes, from 100 feet ,away, now it’s a halo
Thats, tomato sauce, Heinz 57
Catch a migga, you behind, where I left you
I hate your which, your mom, and your fellas, kids, cousins, uncles, aunts, and, your nephews
Shoot a migga, in the face, closed casket
Look his pretty, kids in the face, poor
Tears running ,down a which face, romantic
Two straps, I’m up at the Oboe Jacksons
In his face, closed casket
Send him, on the highway to heaven, no traffic
My lil migga just ,caught a body, he ecstatic
He cried, tears of joy, then he got him tatted
Welcome, to the funeral, closed casket as usual
Whole family, delusional
Amen, hallelujah though
Choir ,singing musicals, Kumbaya, it’s beautiful
I bust in with ,the uzi though
They look like, they saw Lucifer
Yeah, welcome to the funeral ,everybody knew your bro
Ain’t nobody , him though
Thats just, inexcusable
Welcome ,to the funeral
Where ,we from we ruin them
Been to quite a few of them
A migga, got immune of them
Shoot a migga in the face, closed casket
Huh, huh, bop
Look his ,pretty kids in the face, poor bastards
Goddamn, drive bys in a winnebago
Snipers never ,hear the baby, crib a cradle of ,tomatoes on your head
I split, tomatoes from 100 feet away

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