Evil Moon Lyrics Destinity

He hears…!

Follow, me in sadness

Believe, in my darkness

Memories, ar my dawn

Humanity, is down

You will all be dying

I’ll never be lying …!

You’ll never fell, your pain

And, you will all be mine

When the night spreads, its blackened wings and breath

Out chilly moist and mist …!

O moon, My moon , I’m overwhelmed by your cold light …!

And, your majestic might …!

Under mighty wings, of darkness

I’m opening my veins …!

I heard, your dark voices from the very depth, of my


In the moonlight, you hear screams from other, worlds

I see …!

The darkened eyes, and the flames of immortal power

I condamned myself, to be lost in their inner light

O my Evil Moon , bring me your magic

O my Evil Moon , give me your delight …!

Melancholy, shadows fill my blood

A flame from the night, burns my eyes

Melancholy shadows, fill my heart

A flam from the night, burns my soul …!

Melancholy shadows fill my flesh

A flame from the black burns, my sad rot

In the moonlight …!

I want to stay, in this realm, far away from all humans

I want to be the revenge, and spread his power on earth

I feel, your dark attraction, as I feel the end of the light …!

I know, you by my dark faith …!

This cold light is driving me …!

Into the, eternal torment …!

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