Best Consistency Lyrics Alic Walls

Consistency lyrics Alic Walls Starts

No, I do not mind

Being ,the one to answer, your call

Yeah, that’s no lie

And, I do not mind

Being the first, to give you my all, my all

But ,there’s just one thing, one thing

One thing ,that I need

One thing, that I need

And, that’s your, that’s your

Your ,consistency

Oh, your consistency

No, I do not wanna, fall

Do not ,wanna fall too fast, in love

When ,I can’t even get a text back, ooh

Girl, I do not wanna

Fall ,too fast Oh, but it’s best ,for me

If ,I can’t even get a ,text back

Cause, I do not mind

I do not mind ,Staying up late for you

Doing ,nice things for you

But, I just gotta know that this is something, that you really wanna do

No, I do not mind showing, you that I care

But, I know it would hurt ,my feelings

If the equal effort, that you promised ,ain’t there

No, I do not mind being ,the one to give you all of me

But ,I need a guarantee of, your consistency

That’s all, all

That’s all, all I need

Aw Oooh, oooh

Oooh, oooh

All I need

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