Bunny Lyrics Scotty Malcolm: 2020

Bunny Lyrics Scotty Malcolm Starts:

What ,if I was looking back at you
While, you were looking at me?
What, if for once the stars aligned
Like ,it’s supposed to be?
What, if you weren’t preoccupied
All the time?
What, if you didn’t send me home?
Would you be mine?

Cause, I really don’t know what to do
Or ,what I’ve done
I wish ,we could talk
But ,you don’t speak
You, only run

Hopping, like a bunny girl
Think, you’re kinda funny girl
But ,is it too good to be true?

Running, like a bunny girl
Looking ,kinds sunny girl
But how, could I ever catch you?

Jumping ,around
Picking ,things up
Dropping, them down
I wish ,we could talk
But you don’t speak
Only run…

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